Bach Remote Control

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  • Discreet
  • Control Volume & Change Programs
  • Simple To Use
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Bach Remote Control

The Bach Remote Control allows you to discretely and easily adjust the volume of your hearing aids and switch programs for a customized listening experience.

  • Program change
  • Increase volume
  • Decrease volume

The Bach Remote Control is compatible with ALL Bach hearing aids.

Bach Remote Control

The Bach Remote Control easily fits into your pocket, purse or on a keychain. This accessory is handy for everyday use for the discreet control of your hearing aid sound settings.

For more information on the Bach hearing aid remote control please use the chat button, or email us at or call 1-800-416-2434.



4 reviews for Bach Remote Control

  1. Lavern Y. From San Francisco, CA.

    Works great. Normal transaction. Great help getting it paired to my hearing aids from the people at HearSource.

  2. Rena W. From Los Angeles, CA.

    Handy device. I use it from time to time. The hearing aids mostly automatically do the adjusting for different sound environments themselves. But, once in a while. I use the remote control to turn down the volume in very loud environments or turn it up for some of my friends that don’t speak loud enough.

  3. John P. From Junction City, KS.

    Works as it should. No issues. Quick delivery.

  4. Julie P. From Gary, IN.

    I love this little hearing aid remote control device. I don’t use a smartphone and this device allows me to adjust the volume of my hearing aids as well as change programs. I’m a very happy Bach customer/wearer.

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