Bach Receiver Links

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Bach Receiver Links

  • The package contains one receiver and retention line
  • Compatible with All Bach hearing aids
  • Available in 4 different lengths for left or right ear

The length of the receiver wire is printed as a small number on the blue bottom for the left ear, or on the red bottom for the right ear. The length is shown by a number (0, 1, 2, or 3). The strength level is printed next to the length number and is shown by a letter: S for Standard, M for Medium, or P for Power.

New design – robust hearing aid receiver for every day reliability.

Bach Receiver Link - 2M - Right

Receiver spout designed for «One-Click» connection with Bach domes.

Bach hearing aid receivers create an enhanced soundwave that will meet the hearing loss needs of its wearer.

The receiver is the piece of the device directed at the wearer’s inner ear.

A hearing aid receiver works as your ears’ own speaker system. It plays the amplified sounds received from the microphone in your ear, and your brain gives the sounds context. 

Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing aids are worn behind the ear. Their receiver (speaker) is connected by a thin wire and sits directly in the ear canal. The receivers come in different lengths and power levels of amplification. RIC’s can be quickly and easily adjusted and provide a high degree of wearing comfort, discretion, and appropriate amplification.



2 reviews for Bach Receiver Links

  1. Meredith F. From Sacramento, CA.

    Exact fit. No issues. Easy to replace by myself. Love these hearing aids.

  2. Jim K. From Sarasota, FL.

    Perfect replacement. I was able to easily remove my old receiver and replace it with the new one. An easy DIY fix. No issues.

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