Bach 20 Hearing Aid

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Our Price: $1,347.00

  • Uses Standard 312 Zinc-Air Hearing Aid Battery
  • Premium Technology Level
  • Bluetooth Streaming From Apple (iOS) & Android Smartphones & Devices
  • Swiss Engineered
  • 3-Year Warranty


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Welcome to a world of beautiful sound

Bach 20 Hearing Aids

Bach 20 Hearing Aids are the most advanced and feature-filled instruments we’ve ever offered. Bach 20’s are considered “Premium” technology-level hearing aids.

The Bach 20 offers Dual Bluetooth technology which allows you to stream directly from your AndroidApple or other device/smartphone. Control and customize your sound settings using the Hearing Remote app, powered by a standard 312 size zinc-air hearing aid battery.

Enjoy a complete world of connections. Make calls, watch TV, listen to music with our artfully designed hearing instruments. 

The Bach 20 aid provides you everything you need, to hear in the widest variety of lifestyles and sound environments. 

Bach offers free LIFETIME remote support and sound adjustments on every hearing aid

Bach hearing aids 3-year warranty seal

3-Year Manufacturer Warranty / 3-Year Loss & Damage Coverage

The Bach 20 hearing aid (Receiver-In-Canal or RIC) is our flagship premium technology level hearing aid and offers world-class hearing technologies based on our newest digital processing platform.

Bach hearing aids look, feel, and most importantly sound great.

Our world-class digital processing platform combines powerful technologies to provide a natural hearing experience. The combined technologies, all work in harmony to help you hear more clearly and comfortably for every conversation, in any listening environment.

Bach Online Hearing Aids, Like Your Local Hearing Aid Store… But Better

Bach Remote Support

  • The most convenient way to receive updates, care, and support in the industry.
  • Bach Remote Support provides world-class support and connectivity to better hearing care anytime, anywhere.
  • You can conveniently receive remote programming, sound adjustments, and support for your Bach Hearing Aids from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere via your smartphone and the Hearing Remote app*.
  • There are NO compromises on professional care.
Bach Remote Hearing Aid Support Tech.

Just as important as the hearing instrument technology is itself to your better hearing success, is the professional staff of highly qualified and trained people that program, support, and stand behind it.

The staff at Bach have been dispensing hearing instruments for over 25 years and are the preeminent providers of online hearing aids and hearing care services in the industry.

*For use of the Hearing Remote App. The Hearing Remote App works on Apple smartphones with iOS 12 or newer and Android smartphones with version 7 or newer.

We have full access to hearing programming and sound adjustments. All you need is a Smartphone and your Bach Remote Support Technician will take care of the rest.

Technology That Responds To Its Surroundings

The most comfortable listening experience happens when hearing aids automatically respond, adjust, and adapt themselves to their current acoustic environment – with no manual inputs required by the wearer.

Typically, people with hearing loss want to hear as normally as possible. This means our hearing aids must be able to recognize, classify, and adjust themselves automatically to sounds as effectively as a normal-hearing listener.

Bach use machine learning – a branch of artificial intelligence – to train the Bach processor to classify sounds as effectively as a normal hearing person. Nobody does it better than us.

Auto Sound Control 3.0

Sound is all around and changes constantly depending on where you are. What makes Bach hearing aids so special is our unique operating system called Auto Sound Control 3.0. All you have to do is turn them on, and the rest is automatic.

Bach hearing aids help you hear in noisy environments

When sounds enter the Bach 20 hearing aids, Auto Sound Control 3.0 intelligently classifies them into specific key listening environments.

Because the places you work and play are often complex, Auto Sound Control 3.0 dynamically combines these environments to create thousands of possible combinations – allowing the hearing aids to seamlessly self-adjust as the soundscapes change.

Even music sounds amazing. Some hearing instrument technology that is optimized for speech falls flat when it comes to conveying the richness and complexity of music. 

Because music is a dedicated environment in the Bach 20, you can enjoy an immersive experience that recaptures the pleasure of your favorite songs – and the settings can even be personalized to suit your preferred genres.

Bach hearing aids classify music into specific genres

Bach uses information about your sound environment to dynamically balance three technologies to reduce unwanted and distracting background noise, providing excellent sound quality and comfort all the while making speech clearer and easier to follow.

  • Speech enhancement increases the volume of voices, making it easier to hear people talking.
  • Noise reduction dials down distracting background noise to make listening more comfortable.
  • Directionality helps hearing instrument wearers know where sounds are coming from.

Some other hearing aids negatively affect crucial cues about where sound is coming from – when and how it enters the ears, Bach hearing aids put sounds in their place. Using a 4-microphone array strategy acoustically separating sounds so you can more accurately perceive their direction and source.

Better Hearing, Even In Noisy Environments

Conversations can be hard to follow, especially in noisy environments. And you don’t want to miss a thing. Our most advanced digital processor now has a fourth dimension that improves speech perception, so you can converse with confidence, even in challenging listening environments. 

Bach hearing help you hear in noisy environments

Using all four microphones (two in each hearing aid) the hearing aids automatically determine where speech is coming from. Then directs the focal area towards the speech and dynamically adapts to its source.

Bach hearing aids restore those subtle localization cues with dynamic gain adjustments – a feature not available in other directional microphone systems. Bach then apply speech enhancement based on where the speech is coming from to provide even further contrast between speech and noise.

Amazing Sound - In Stereo

With Bach 20 hearing aids, you can wirelessly stream calls, video, music, audiobooks, and podcasts to both of your hearing aids from almost ANY Bluetooth device* – no additional accessories needed.

When streamed media is detected, Bach hearing aids automatically classify the sound as either music or speech and adjusts the sound accordingly to offer an optimized listening experience.

Bach hearing aids provide stereo hearing.

You can also take calls hands-free from your choice of almost ANY Bluetooth smartphone* – ­in stereo.

Bach’s powerful combination of technologies and features provides a stellar sound performance that helps you hear what truly matters. Now that’s getting to the heart of every conversation.

*Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with a compatible Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile.

Bach Hearing Remote App

Use your smartphone as a hearing aid remote control

The Hearing Remote app is a remote control for your hearing aids including timely notifications to help you learn how to use and care for your devices.

The Hearing Remote app allows you to:

  • Control volume
  • Change programs
  • Mute and unmute
  • Personalize the sound of your hearing aids using a 3-band equalizer
  • Receive remote adjustments from your Bach Remote Support Technician through the remote adjust app
  • Receive Tutor notifications on how to care for and maintain your hearing aids
  • Access status information such as battery charge status and wearing time
Bach Hearing Remote App #1 pic.
Volume Control
Bach Hearing Aid Remote Control App 2 Equalizer
Bach Hearing aid Remote control App 3
Profile Selection
Bach Hearing Aid Remote App 4
Personalize Sound

Download Hearing Remote App

Apple iOS Logo link to Bach Remote Care App.
Remote Support App link for Apple/iOS
Google Link to Bach hearing aid remote support app.
Remote Support App link for Android

Bach 20 Hearing Aid Features:

20 Channels – Typical of Bach premium technology level hearing aids. The term “channels” refers to how many frequency bands a hearing aid has. This term is also sometime called processing channels or distribution channels.

The primary function of a frequency channel or band is to provide individual fine tuning and gain control function. 

Soundscape Manager includes a suite of propriety intelligent innovations including:

  • Auto Sound Control
  • Sound Director
  • Speech Target Pro
  • Sound Mapping

Suite of performance innovations focused on mastering conversations in challenging environments.

Uses binaural spatial processing to determine the direction of speech 36% faster and 50% more accurately than previous models.

Focuses on speech in challenging listening situations.

Speech Mapping is a component of Speech Target Pro that reintroduces localization cues by adjusting the level of amplification in each ear. 

A new fourth dimension of Speech Target Pro, Speech Separator was designed to help wearers better understand words and emotions in complex listening situations.

Enhances the subtle nuances of speech without amplifying low-level environmental noise.

Automatically identifies and classifies each of the following distinct environments for the Bach 20 technology level:

  • Conversation in a crowd
  • Conversation in a small group
  • Music
  • Quiet
  • Noise
  • Conversation in quiet
  • Conversation in noise

A media classifier that optimizes the sound for streamed speech or music.

Dynamically balances the appropriate features providing speech understanding and comfort while maintaining natural sound quality.

Bach 9 hearing aids have a three year warranty.Your Bach 20 Rechargeable hearing aids are protected by an all encompassing 3-Year manufacturer warranty without deductible. You pay the shipping cost to us and we pay shipping cost back to you.

3-Year loss and damage coverage with a $250 deductible. If you lose your hearing aid, within three years of purchase, it can be replaced one time with a $250 per aid deductible.  

Instantly suppresses sudden, loud and irritating sounds without affecting speech and sounds the wearer wants to hear. 

Detects and adapts to the presence of wind.

Uses phase cancellation to instantly suppress annoying whistling or feedback.

By shifting sounds away from areas where hearing is most damaged and compressing them into the audible range, wearers experience a fuller range of sounds for improved awareness and speech intelligibility.

Bach’s tinnitus masker is a noise generator, intended to provide a sound enrichment source that stimulates the auditory system. The tinnitus masker is intended to be used as part of a comprehensive tinnitus therapy program that works to distract the wearer’s attention away from the sound of their tinnitus.

Bach 14 hearing aids powered by a standard 312 zinc-air hearing aid battery is a time proven and reliable power solution.

Typically a 312 zinc-air battery will power your instruments for approximately a week (if turned off overnight). 

These batteries are commonly available from most general retail stores or pharmacies.

telecoil (t-coil) is for hearing aid users when using traditional or home type telephones. Using the hearing aid microphone when communicating on the telephone can cause feedback due to telephone handset proximity to the hearing aid microphone.

Nano coating is a polymer layer, one thousand times thinner than a human hair, that forms a protective coating on every part of all Bach hearing aids. When humidity or sweat come into contact with it, they form beads and roll off for increased durability.

Nano-coating increases the lifetime of our hearing devices and greatly improves reliability. As moisture can’t stick to nano coated hearing aids it is difficult to damage them. Less moisture and water means less repairs and less hassle.

With no moisture getting into the electronics inside there’s almost no corrosion, resulting in longer life for the hearing aid.

Nothing sticks to the hearing aid. No moisture, no water. So it’s easy to clean, and looks as good as new throughout its lifetime.

Allows for the manual adjustment of the volume on one hearing aid and it automatically changes in the other without the need for a smartphone.

Also, you can change programs and turn the aids on/off.

We have full access to hearing aid  programming and sound adjustments. All you need is a Smartphone and your Bach Remote Support Technician will take care of the rest.

Bach’s new hearing instruments are made for ALL phones. Users can enjoy easy, direct connections with the people they care about, with hands-free phone* and video calls to both ears.

(*Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with a compatible Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile)

A microphone system that tracks and suppresses multiple moving noise sources, while focusing on sounds from the front.

Binaural Phone automatically streams audio from the phone ear to the non-phone ear, allowing for stereo hearing (both ears) while on a landline or mobile phone.

Automatically improves listening comfort by decreasing gain / output of the hearing instrument in those channels where noise is the dominant signal.

Applies adjustments to program and/or volume control made in one hearing aid to both hearing aids.

Use your smartphone as a hearing aid remote control

The Hearing Remote app is a remote control for your hearing aids including timely notifications to help you learn how to use and care for your devices.

The Hearing Remote app allows you to:

  • Control volume
  • Change programs
  • Mute and unmute
  • Personalize the sound of your hearing aids using a 3-band equalizer
  • Receive remote adjustments from your Bach Remote Support Technician through the remote adjust app*
  • Receive Tutor notifications on how to care for and maintain your hearing aids
  • Adjust the balance between streamed signals and ambient sound
  • Adjust tinnitus masker
  • Access status information such as battery charge status and wearing time
*For use of the Hearing Remote App. The Hearing Remote App works on Apple smartphones with iOS 12 or newer and Android smartphones with version 7 or newer.

Bach Hearing Aid Accessories

TV Streaming

Bach hearing aid TV Connector
TV Connector/Streamer

Remote Control

Bach Remote Control
Volume Up/Down & Change Program

Remote Mic

Bach Remote Mic
Enhance Conversations From A Distance

CeruShield Disk Wax Filters

Silicone Domes

Receiver Links

For more information on the Bach 20 hearing aids, please use the chat button, or email us at or call 1-800-416-2434.



8 reviews for Bach 20 Hearing Aid

  1. Linda H. From Charlotte, NC.

    Probably the best hearing aids that I have ever worn. This is my third set over the last 15 years. Absolutely delighted with the Bach 20’s.

  2. Gwen T. From Carrolton, TX.

    Love em!

  3. Harris T. From Torrance, CA.

    What a terrific experience with Bach hearing aids and Hearsource. These hearing aids are by far the cleanest sounding hearing aids that I have ever worn. The support from HearSource has been above and beyond all of my expectations.

  4. Judith C. From Orlando, FL.

    Very elegant and comfortable design. Natural sounding. Great pricing for this level of technology. I don’t fully understand the technology and how it works, but it does. I hear well.

  5. Brandy A. From Long Beach, CA.

    These hearing aids are great and work much better than the $6800.00 aids I purchased 3 years ago locally. I will recommend these to all my family and friends. I have had these for only 2 months. GREAT so far!

  6. Don F. From Nashville, TN.

    This is as easy as it gets. Hearing aids delivered to the front door and all the support received from the comfort of my own home.

  7. Ann F. From Fresno, CA.

    Very professional and friendly service. I convinced my husband to purchase these hearing aids from Bach.

  8. Krista J. From Columbus, OH.

    An excellent price and product and even better service and support from the very nice folks at Bach. I hear so well and they sound so natural. One of the best things I have done for myself in a long while.

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