Bach 12 Hearing Aid

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Standard 312 Zinc-Air Hearing Aid Battery
Core Technology Level
Bluetooth from ALL Smartphones
Swiss Engineered


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Bach 12 Hearing Aids

Core or Essential Technology Level

The Bach 12 hearing aids offer the core or essential level of technologies needed to hear well. Dual Bluetooth and “AllPhone” technologies allows you to stream directly from virtually any Android, Apple, or other smartphones/devices. Control and customize your sound settings using the Hearing Remote app.

Enjoy a complete world of connections. Make calls, watch TV, listen to music with our artfully designed hearing aids. 

The Bach 12 hearing aid provides you everything you need, to hear in a wide variety of lifestyles and sound environments. 

Bach hearing aid - 312 - Beige Color.
Bach 12 Hearing Aid in Beige Color

Bach offers free LIFETIME remote support and sound adjustments on every hearing aid.

Bach One Year hearing aid warranty

1-Year Manufacturer Warranty / 1-Year Loss & Damage Coverage.

The Bach 12 Hearing Aid Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) is our core or essential technology level and offering world-class better hearing technology at a very affordable price.

Bach hearing aids look, feel, and most importantly sound great.

Our new world-class digital processing platform combines four powerful technologies to provide a human-like hearing experience. The combined Sound & Speech Composer and Sound & Speech Que technologies, all work in perfect harmony to help you hear more clearly and comfortably in every conversation, in any listening environment.

Bach Remote Support

  • The most convenient way to receive updates, care, and support in the industry.
  • Bach Remote Support provides connectivity to better hearing care anytime, anywhere.
  • You can conveniently receive remote programming, sound adjustments, and support for your Bach Hearing Aids from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere via your smartphone and our Remote Support app.
  • There are NO compromises on professional care.
Bach Remote Hearing Aid Support Tech.

Technology that responds to its surroundings

The most comfortable listening experience happens when hearing aids automatically respond, adjust, and adapt themselves to their current acoustic environment – with no manual inputs required by the wearer.

Typically, people with hearing loss want to hear as normally as possible. This means our hearing aids must be able to recognize, classify, and adjust themselves automatically to sounds as effectively as a normal-hearing listener. Bach hearing aids use machine learning – a branch of artificial intelligence – to train Sound Composer to classify sounds as effectively as a normal hearing person. Nobody does it better than us.

Bach hearing aids help you hear in noisy environments

When sounds enter the Bach 12 hearing aids, Sound Composer intelligently classifies them into specific key listening environments. Because the places you work and play are often complex, Sound Composer dynamically combines these environments to create thousands of possible combinations – allowing the hearing aids to seamlessly self-adjust as the soundscapes change.

Even music sounds amazing. In some hearing instruments, technology that’s optimized for speech falls flat when it comes to the richness and complexity of music. But because music is a dedicated environment in Sound Composer, you can enjoy an immersive experience that recaptures the pleasure of your favorite songs – and the settings can even be personalized to suit your preferred genres.

Bach hearing aids classify music into specific genres

Next, Sound Composer uses information about the environment to dynamically balance three features to reduce unwanted and distracting background noise, providing excellent quality and comfort and making speech clearer and easier to follow.

  • Speech enhancement increases the volume of voices, making it easier to hear people talking.
  • Noise reduction dials down distracting background noise to make listening more comfortable.
  • Directionality helps hearing instrument wearers know where sounds are coming from.

While some hearing aids affect crucial cues about where sound is coming from – when and how it enters the ears, Bach hearing aids put sounds in their place. Using a 4-microphone strategy, this acoustically separates sounds so you can more accurately perceive their direction and source.

Better conversations, even in noisy environments

Conversations can be hard to follow, especially in noisy environments. And you don’t want to miss a thing. Our most advanced digital processor now has a fourth dimension that improves speech perception, so you can converse with confidence, even in challenging listening environments.

Bach hearing help you hear in noisy environments

Conversations can be hard to follow, especially in noisy environments. You don’t want to miss a thing. Bach 12, a great combination of performance and value.

Bach restores those subtle localization cues with dynamic gain adjustments – a feature not available in other directional microphone hearing aid systems. Bach then applies speech enhancement technologies based on where the speech is coming from to provide even further contrast between speech and background noise.

Amazing Sound - In Stereo

With Bach 12 hearing aids, you can wirelessly stream calls, video, music, audiobooks, and podcasts to both of your hearing aids from almost ANY Bluetooth device – no additional accessories needed.

When streamed media is detected, Bach hearing aids automatically classify the sound as either music or speech and adjusts the sound accordingly to offer an optimized listening experience.

Bach hearing aids provide stereo hearing.

You can also take calls hands-free from your choice of almost ANY Bluetooth smartphone – ­in stereo.

With Bach’s powerful combination of features, enjoy stellar sound performance that helps you hear what truly matters. Now that’s getting to the heart of every conversation.

Bach 12 Hearing Aid Features:

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For more information on the Bach 12 hearing aids, please use the chat button, or email us at [email protected]om or call 1-800-416-2434.

3 reviews for Bach 12 Hearing Aid

  1. Reginald G. From Los Angeles, CA.

    The price was very competitive to what I’ve seen in the Los Angeles area and am very satisfied with the increased hearing for myself & my wife’s sanity. Knowledgeable, friendly, and attentive to my and my wife’s questions. Outstanding service!

  2. Phillip A. From Chicago, IL.

    Great hearing aid at a great price. I am a retired person with a flip phone. I had a heck of a time finding a hearing aid that would allow me to hear phone calls through my hearing aids. Then I found Bach. They said they would connect to any Bluetooth-capable phone and they were right. No issues. I hear well in general while wearing these hearing aids. The folks at Bach have been a dream to work with. I feel very secure in my purchasing decision to go with Bach.

  3. Greg J. From Nashville, TN

    These have helped my mother so much. Excellent support from the Bach staff.

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